Family News:

 Kirsten is now back in Sacramento, working with a theatre production company. After returning to California, renewing ties and working at Berkley, and working on her NSF grant, the grant was not renewed (along with the majority of other grants that year).  Kirsten is resilient, and is loving her work in Sacramento, where she secures funding for the company, and the creative people are appreciative of her contribution, knowing it makes their work possible. 

In June 2003 she finished up a semester teaching at College or the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, after the prior fall semester as Visiting Assistant Professor of Paleoethnobotany at BU.  Between semesters in the early spring she spent several weeks in Belize. Ted visited for Thanksgiving 2003, and Peter and Lisa are spending Christmas 2003 with them along with some Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley area skiing.  Plans are Ted will share Thanksgiving with them again this year (2005). 

 Her major focus in academia was on the evolution of the use of chocolate in the Mayan culture. You can learn more about her professional interests on her website,


 Jim Lutz, , created a necklace pendant of the glyph for Kakaw, or chocolate for her.  In the fall of 2002, at Harvard, she met the man who originally deciphered the glyph- which he recognized hanging from her neck.



Just before Christmas 2002, but after finishing the semester at BU, Kirsten, Ted and Beth spent a week at Mt. Desert Island, Maine. Kirsten did her undergraduate work at College of the Atlantic and Bar Harbor, so the week was one of visiting old friends and friendly places.  It was this trip that unexpectedly led to the spring of teaching there.  It was the next year's version of that trip that took Ted to California for Thanksgiving in 2003, when we also spent some time in the Lake Tahoe area.


Peter has learned his way around five nearby towns in Connecticut as Animal Control Officer. Lisa is continuing her graphic arts studies at night in addition to her full time job at Readers Digest. At home in Patterson, NY, he is initiating many a project as he and Lisa turn their house into their home. He is also known to tool around town with a big grin in his red Honda del Sol which is fast becoming a collector's item.  On Sunday July 7th 2003 Peter mastered his first flip in an air chair (a specialized water ski). See also Zachary’s page; Peter was Zach's adopted father.  Blue, a blue Doberman pup probably born in early April, is their new baby; don't miss his pictures.  More recently they are hoping to close on a place in Kent, CT, which Peter calls his dream house, and not without reason; in many ways it is a reflection of his Great Aunt Kay's "barn" in Pittsford, Vt. The strange thing is, Peter never visited the place in Pittsford, though he certainly heard about it growing up. All is not work for Peter and Lisa; in the past two years they visited Kirsten in Sacramento, went skiing in the Lake Tahoe area, and more recently spent a week in Hawaii.


Miles is in England, living with his wife Chitra and little girl Talulah.  Talulah, along with her mother, has her picture on the picture page.  Occasionally Kirsten hears a little news, but as always, Miles has his own drummer.


Diana is living in Medford, MA, where she has finished the credentials process so her MSW will be a practical as opposed to a simply academic degree. It has been a drawn out process including many months of supervised internship, in her case in Emergency Services, now completed.  She recently passed her certification exam on the first try. 


Debbie is living just outside Poughkeepsie where she is teaching fourth grade in the Arlington school system.  The fourth grade, in New York State, is the grade where statewide competency testing begins, bringing a set of challenges all its own. She will moved into her own condo in the summer of 2004.